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Corporate Wellness
Seminars and strategies to improve your teams performance from the boardroom to the big match

Corporate Services

We have a wealth of experience providing support to businesses from law firms to TV production companies to famous athletic footwear manufacturers. We specialise in providing wellness support to teams and departments. Our Corporate Wellness Seminar provides the latest scientific evidence on health, fitness, diet and mindfulness techniques, with lots of audience interaction covering nutrition strategies for optimum performance,  maximising your recovery during busy workloads, good sleep hygiene, health & fitness trackers and how adopting an Olympic periodised training plan can help you peak at just the right time.

We also conduct Wellness Assessments, often these are twice a year and include health measures from blood pressure to cognitive function. We provide immediate feedback to address areas of concern. Our Wellness Programs can be delivered weekly or monthly with numbers limited only by space available and include mindfulness techniques, fitness sessions, group nutrition sessions or team sport training.

We also help teams prepare for athletic challenges from 5km Park Runs to 1/2 Iron Man Races and our support ranges from designing training programs to delivering conditioning sessions, providing nutrition support and even event support on the day particularly if you are up against a business rival.


Simpson Thacher

& Bartlett

Simpson Thacher is one of the world’s most respected law firms, consistently ranking among the world’s leading law firms in a wide variety of publications—including Chambers, Bloomberg and The Legal 500.

Richard's seminar covered the key 'big switches' team members could flick to enhance performance including how to improve 'sleep hygiene', Blood Glucose regulation, simple diet strategies to maintain a health blood sugar range to improve focus and reduce the likelihood of ill health and how to look after yourself physically when time is constrained. The seminar also covered incredibly useful strategies to improve mental wellbeing including breathing and relaxation techniques.

"The seminar on improving health and performance whilst managing a busy career was absolutely outstanding.
Lots of interaction, really useful and useable techniques.
The number of attendees who stayed on to talk to Richard was astonishing.
My team are still talking about it now."

Adam Gallagher



Wall 2 Wall Productions

Warner Brothers

Wall 2 Wall is one of the world's leading production companies.

Wall 2 Wall has been supplying innovative, hugely popular, award winning programming around the world since 1987.

Richard worked under Executive Producers Michael Fraser & Gyles Neville and Production Executive, Kirsty Bysouth

on Wall 2 Wall's reality TV series, Go Hard or Go Home broadcast on BBC3.

"Richard was responsible for selecting the Warriors based on competency assessments and he designed and implemented the excellent fitness testing protocols and health checks that all short-listed competitor applicants completed."

"Using a BASES Accredited and Chartered Scientist was essential and Richard delivered over and above what was expected of him - the last minute deadlines, so often encountered during TV production, did not phase him at all."


Royal Russell

Football Academy

Royal Russell School is an Independent mixed boarding school in Surrey. Since 2016/17 Royal Russel have won the prestigious ISFA Boodles Cup 3 times, in the process becoming the most successful school in the last 6 years.

Along with the countless other footballing trophies across multiple age groups and across boys and girls football, Royal Russell have become one of the most decorated independent schools ever.

"A large part of the success of the football academy and of the ability we had to attract first class talent was the outstanding Sport Science support that Richard set-up. It truly was the best of its kind in the country and was even better than many semi-professional clubs."

Greg Thurstans

Former Director of Sport

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