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Performance Nutrition

We are experts in using nutritional science to aid weight loss.

Our fast weight loss programs are backed up by the latest scientific evidence, are easy to follow and include 1-2-1 support as long as you need it.

We also have a wealth of experience in designing successful programs to address gut health, improve the  microbiome, add muscle mass and combat metabolic dysfunction.

Sport Specific Nutrition

We have provided Performance Nutrition support to elite athletes and teams for over 10 years with experience in football, rugby, tennis. We have even treated IBS in golfers. Every year we provide elite amateur and semi-professional cyclists, runners and triathletes with effective performance nutrition support and 

Martin Riedl Thumbnail2.jpg

Martin Riedl


"Since I started working out with Rich I'm probably fitter than I have ever been and even though sessions can be tough at times they're always fun. He has an holistic approach and that makes the difference. He is incredibly knowledgeable and well informed, not only about training but also nutrition."
Laura Lebetkin Thumbnail Large.jpeg

Laura Lebetkin

Marketing Director

"Although my workouts are hard, but Richard is so inspiring. I never thought I could train the way I do now. I'm flexible, agile and strong and I see and feel the benefits. I highly recommend him."
Julia Harrison Thumbnail.JPG

Julia Harrison

Management Consultant

“I cannot thank Richard enough for getting into the best shape I have been in since having 3 children.
I follow his Time Restricted Eating program alongside training in a fasted state early on each day and I have lost almost 3 stone.”

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