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Training Programs

From simple starter sessions designed to  get you across the finish line of your first Park Run to advanced periodised programs to get you a podium place in the Barcelona Iron Man, you can find everything you need right here.

Each program comes with optional add-on progressions to help keep you moving forward and all programs link to nutrition and wellness plans too if you want all-round support.

We have helped working parents get into their best shape ever, elite athletes win their top races and elite professionals land their big promotions, just read our client testimonials below.


As a Chartered Scientist, accredited Sports Physiologist and Performance Nutritionist, Richard's credentials are second to none so what are you waiting for?

Training Programs

Perfect for beginners, or those of you returning to training after a break,

these FREE programs will help you get back into shape.

Choose your sport or training goal, download the program and you're off!

Intermediate Training Programs

Designed to get you ready for a 10km run to a 100km Cycle Sportive these programs are for those of you who already have a decent level of fitness.

Got a ski-trip planned? Beach holiday? We've got programs for that too.

Advanced Training Programs

Expert programs designed for people who are serious about their training. Ideal for regular gym goers and perfect if you have your own gym at home. These programs come with full nutrition guidance including complete supplement recommendations and periodised nutrition strategies.

All programs have comprehensive progressions as add-ons

providing a year-long training plan.

Sport Specific Programs

We have over 20 years experience designing sport specific programs for teams and individuals. Our rugby and football programs have helped schools, clubs, elite amateurs and even professional players achieve their goals

and we have too many league and cups wins to list here.

Our tennis and golf programs have led our clients to improved performance year after year and our off-season training and warm-up protocols have  consistently reduced injury across all age-groups.

14-Day Guided
Training Programs

Whether you want to get into your best shape for your Summer holiday or recover from New Year partying, get fit for a marathon or simply restore your musculoskeletal balance,

HOSTE HEALTH guided programs are proven to get fast results.

Alongside your downloadable programs you get two 30 minute online

1-2-1 consultations each week to ensure everything goes to plan.


Kerry Large

International Triathlete

“Richard's physiological testing battery helped enable me to compete at international level. He was very efficient and I am very grateful for his assistance."
Neil Deely Thumbnail_edited.jpg

Neil Deely


"I was recommended to Richard by a mutual friend. I needed rehab for an injury to my left knee and wanted to some expert strength training advice to support the advice from my consultant. Following a successful rehab program, I am jumping, squatting on one leg, sprinting, etc. I have now been working with Richard for over 3 years and my fitness has been totally transformed."

Mjaaland stort bilde_edited.png

Beate Mjaaland


“I have been seeing Richard for over 10 years. During this time he has prepared me for Ski-trips, Cycle Sportives and Mountain Hiking in Norway.
More importantly, my posture has improved significantly and I look and feel younger than I have done in years."
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